Professional Football Scouting


At 4 Corner Football we have contacts at many professional football clubs. We work along side many clubs, passing them information on certain players, or it may be that a club is looking for a particular player, so they will come to us to see who we have. We also give clubs regular updates on all our players so they know who and what we have and if they are in need of any players we have on our books.

We often have scouts at our District games but we seldom see scouts at grass roots Sunday league football matches. We aim to change that. Too many quality players are being missed by clubs and scouts because they do not know where to look, or they don't have enough information regarding certain players. It is not enough for a professional football scout to watch one player once. A player needs to be seen numerous times to be seen as a player that could be useful to a particular club.

We will be in contact with clubs regarding our players....if we feel we have a player who needs to be seen or have trials at a club, we will inform various clubs of this information. We will not allow any of our players be missed at 4 Corner Football. Too many players are not seen, therefore never get scouted.