Football camps

School Holidays

Quite enrol your child either daily or weekly. They play, they train, they listen, they learn and above all, they Enjoy.

Football camps provide an effective learning experience for children of all ages, whilst also keeping them occupied whilst the parents are out at work. Camps are generally from 9am in the morning and finish at around 3.0pm so very similar to school times.

We get the children involved in football drills, basic warm ups and fitness, we play Bulldog and Dodgeball, we have mini games and tournaments, have World Cup competitions. All the things the children love to do. We also give them regular rest times so they can be ready for the next game or session so plenty of drinks are needed to be brought with them.

All the usual things are to be remembered like the correct footwear and clothing for the bad weather as we never know when it will turn nasty and shin pads etc.

More information will appear on this page when camps are coming up and Breaking News will be on the News page, so keep an eye out on the daily news.