District football

District football


Please be advised the following is a promotional page and is not connected to 4 Corner Football.

HCSSA - Harrogate & Craven Schools Sports Association and HCSFA - Harrogate & Craven Schools FA, it is natural Harrogate Schools have teams out there to show it. Harrogate currently have 3 teams - Under 15's, Under 14's and Under 13's within Harrogate & Craven.

They have some of the best players around and it shows as many of our players have already been snapped up by various Academies, which goes to show......if you play in the best teams in your area, you will be watched regularly by Professional Scouts.

To progress your football career Professional Clubs want to see young players, playing at the highest level available.

Information on District games and training can be found on Pitchero.com and this page as it comes in, so if you are involved in District Football, then Look out for updates.


This team has only been together since January 2017. We put together a squad after holding a number of trial sessions. We play matches on Saturday mornings and currently train on Monday evenings.
In this section you will find fixtures and match reports from all the games and any additional info.


SATURDAY 17TH JUNE - AWAY V WAKEFIELD - All players to attend - 9.30am meet - 10.30am kick off
Hiendley Harriers F.C
Main Street
South Hiendley
S72 9BS

9-0 Win - *Ben Chumas (assist Dav), Davide Santoro (assist Louis), Davide Santoro (assist Ben), Davide Santoro (assist Ben), Louis Golby-Pen, Lewis Kettlewell (assist Louis), Gideon Pliener, Alfie Dean, Amhra Stott (assist Gidi).

Match Captain - Alfie Dean.

Last match of the season and an away trip to play Wakefield. Weather was really hot and the sun was shining. A quality display from all the players to finish off the season with a bang. Goals from all over the field with Davide netting a hatrick, Louis with another cool penalty, Captain Alfie on his birthday, Gide with a screamer on his both attempt :-) .......which he won't mind me saying.....Ben and Amhra with his first goal for Harrogate. Lewis Kettlewell got in on the act with a debut goal as well.

All this with Jonny Shepherd sitting out the game due to an injury. We could all see his frustration at not being able to play. Looking good for next season though Jonny!

All in all a good start to the boys careers ay Harrogate & Craven level. We beat some really strong teams which will stand us in good stead for the coming season. Much tougher opponents out there in Sheffield and Nottingham but I am confident if the boys can really apply themselves, train well and hard and concentrate, that we can be strong enough to cause any team problems.

The main thing for next season will be discipline and concentration. If we can keep these two things at the top of our priorities, then we will have a great season. League and cup games to come. Well done to all boys and here's to next season.


TUESDAY 9TH MAY - HOME V HUDDERSFIELD - All players to attend - 5.45pm meet - 6.30pm kick off
Green Hammerton

8-1 Win - Gidi Pliener, Louis Golby x2, Davide Santoro, Rohan Panesar x2, Alfie Dean, Own Goal.

Match Captain - Rohan Panesar

What a night for football! There is a lot to be said for summer football without doubt. Huddersfield visit us for a 6.30 kick off, sun shining and a lovely flat pitch that should suit our style of football. Kick off then....a little slow to start as we feel our way in. Huddersfield are playing the ball around well while Harrogate are getting warmed up, or so it looked like. A few minutes in and we are starting to move the ball around, especially out to the right hand side. Captain Rohan is on the right and looking to get forward at every opportunity. The ball breaks to Huddersfield who try to play the ball through midfield but struggle to make progress with Louis and Tom in midfield, proving difficult to get by.
The ball is played through the middle and finds Gidi who is 21 yards from goal, he looks up, sets himself and with all the time in the world, fires a sublime left foot shot in to the top corner....no way that's getting saved. Cracking goal and 1-0 Harrogate in the 12th minute.
Lots of really good play centrally and out wide with Rohan kept really busy on the right. Harry at right back keeping the left midfielder quiet and Amhra and Joe comfortable in the centre of defence.
Corners are coming thick and fast while Harrogate are pressing for a second when we get brought down in the area....it's a stone waller surely...it was indeed as the referee put the whistle in his mouth and blew for a penalty. Up stepped Harrogate's penalty taker Louis who calm as you like slotted in to the bottom left hand corner as you look. 2-0 Harrogate and we are looking really confident.
Play continues with Jonny up front being a mischief and looking for every little opening and Alfie playing as number 10, creating havoc as usual. A minute to half time then and we look really solid now...this games is only going one way. Or is it, hang on. Huddersfield push the ball forward and Joe comes across the attacker to clear but catches the player and the referee awards a free kick on the edge of the box. Time for Nathan to spring in to action, who by the way has touched the ball only once so far. He sets his wall but wait...it's too good, the player fires the ball in low and the wall is in Nathans way, plus looking right in to the sun and the ball goes over the line. Unlucky Nath. Game on 2-1 at half time.
Second half, a few changes, Eddie goes to right back after Harry injured himself, Gidi went to left back, Rohan to left midfield and Alfie to right midfield. Davide up front with Jonny. Off we go and we look good right from the whistle and within 30 seconds, Dav is through on goal at lightening pace and dinks the ball over the stranded keeper...What an entrance. 3-1 Harrogate. Quality substitution from the manager is has to be said!! :-)
It stays at 3-1 with a midfield battle, Louis knocking some fantastic balls around and Tom in the middle working so hard, challenging every ball and keeping things calm in midfield. Roy Keane springs to mind but without the temper....thankfully.
We attack again and we win a corner, Louis goes over to take, floats a lovely ball in, it glances off the defender and goes in...4-1 Harrogate. An own goal or not? You can draw your own conclusions, answers on a postcode please. So we are now in total control, passing the ball around and still working really hard, although we are not pressing as much as we were (probably a littler tiredness creeping in) we are passing the ball around really well through midfield again and we find Dav who tries to go round the keeper and is brought down...PENALTY. Louis steps up again, where will he go this time....he slots it in the right corner as you look, for his second goal of the game and makes it 5-1. 2 quality penalties. Gidi gets a slight knock so Charlie replaces him. Straight away Charlie is in action as he intercepts the ball and clears deep in to Huddersfields half. Quality from Charlie. Similarly from Eddie on the right side, so calm and reading the game really well.
With all this going on, Huddersfield are still trying to play the ball out from the back. With us pressing as we have for much of this game, this is not a good idea and it was proved. Trying to play out and finding they have to go backwards, the defender plays the ball back towards the keeper only for captain Rohan to steel the ball and slot the ball home. Suicide form Huddersfield but 6-1 Harrogate. Quality pressing from Rohan.
Ok, so Huddersfield have just committed suicide, so once bitten, twice shy...right? WRONG. Huddersfield attempt to play the ball out again while under pressure, they play backwards again and who's there...Rohan again to steel and slot home. 7-1 and it's all gone wrong for Huddersfield. 2 mins to go and that must be it...wait, time for a free kick form Joe in his own half who floats it through midfield and in to the path of Alfie who takes it down superbly, rounds the keeper and slots home. Quality free kick from Joe and a lovely finish from Alfie....8-1 Harrogate.
What a way to play football. All players were fantastic and deserve a huge pat on the back. We'll keep going in to next season. Sheffield and Nottingham the teams to beat but they haven't met us yet. WELL DONE BOYS!

SATURDAY 8TH APRIL - AWAY V MIDDLESBROUGH - All available players to attend - 9.30am meet - 10.30am kick off
Trinity College
Saltersgill Avenue

1-1 DRAW - Ben Chumas

Match Captain - Tom Pettman

A glorious Saturday morning and we are down to 12 players due to illness and injury....until the phone rings at 7.40am. Another injury so we are down to just 11. Hard work ahead. It proved to be just that.
Kick off and we are on the back foot. Middlesbrough playing the ball around well while we are still on the A19! Good spell of play for Middlesbrough but good defending from the whole back 4 with Charlie, Joe, Amhra and Eddie standing firm. Tom Pettman today's captain starting on the right and was kept busy as most of the early play was down the right. Midfield were struggling to get a hold off the game but eventually we started to come in to the game. A move which started from the right saw the ball come across from the right to Jonny who pushed the ball on and it fell to Ben Chumas who slotted home under the keeper. 1-0 to the good.
With the sun beating down and a quick pace to the game, Middlesbrough making lots of subs and us making do with 11 on the field, it was going to be a long hard second half. Going in at 1-0 up was a great scoreline all things considered.
Second half then, Ben has moved to the right and Tom in to the middle. Middlesbrough started the brighter again, we struggled to get out of our own half for much of the first 15. Boys were tiring in the heat, no breaks and Middlesbrough looking reasonably fresh with a number of subs made. We kept pushing the ball around but the kept coming, first left and then right but again the defence stood firm until they played a great ball through and the striker got one on one with the keeper and put it away. 1-1 with 25 minutes to go. Heads up and we pushed and played as best we could but we were tiring, could we have a last push and try to nick it. The ball is played through midfield and this time it's the opposition who clear, but only for a corner. Louis steps up for the corner and it's headed out but only as far as Rohan on the edge of the box who unleashed a fierce volley towards goal...it's 2-1 it has to be. No, the keeper has made an incredible save with his left hand at full stretch, it's palmed away only to hit the bottom of the post. Unbelievable!! So unlucky.
Time is running out and both teams are still trying to play football. I think at this stage both teams are happy with a draw and it finished just that...1-1 and another entertaining game of football. A very hard 1-1 away from home but most of all played in the correct spirit with all boys giving everything. Let's keep it going, get refreshed over Easter. WELL DONE BOYS!

TUESDAY 4TH APRIL - AWAY V CALDERDALE - All available players to attend - 5.15 meet - 6.15 kick off
Elland CC
Hullen Road
West Yorkshire

1-2 WIN - OG, Jonny Shepherd

Match Captain - Alfie Dean

Tuesday evening and a trip down the M62 to Calderdale to Elland CC. Sun shining and the hosts were late!! Good start.
Into the game then, kicking off 15 minutes late, we started slowly and Calderdale looked a threat as we couldn't get out of our half for the first 10. Midfield were not pressing enough and huge gaps were appearing. Calderdale were streaming forwards at every opportunity but Harrogate's defence stood strong and kept clearing the lines.
Slowly but surely we started to come in to the game more and more, Joe and Amhra centrally very tight with Harry and Charlie staying calm and positive. Calderdale were now having one or two shots at goal but never really bothering Nathan who was collecting the ball with ease...even while being off colour.
We are now looking more threatening going forward, uphill and in to the wind - much harder than it looked, but we pressed forward and Dav and Jonny were starting to make things happen. Some great balls through and Dav running on to them at lightening speed. We were starting to look good. Alfie - our captain was starting to make things happen on the right while Gidi and Tom in the middle were starting to become more solid. We were pushing up more when the ball is played through and Dav does his chasing in the box, it's up in the air and there is a tussle but it drops to Calderdale's No 4 and he attempts to clear a shot only for it to go in to the corner for an own goal....1-0 Harrogate. We get to half time at 1-0 so a good result considering it wasn't the best first half we have played.
Second half, we are down hill and looking hungry. We are creating much more in midfield with Gidi really strong and Tom not missing a tackle. Louis is now starting to move the ball around in midfield with more confidence and Jonny Shepherd is desperate to score. Ben out on the right, doing a great job is proving difficult to cope with, he's moving in and out and causing all sorts of problems for Calderdale, he gets to the by line and crosses but it just goes out of play. Goal kick....keeper takes his time and....mis kicks. It lands right at Jonny's feet, he takes a touch and slots it home....2-0 and a little breathing space.
Hold on.....the referee has stopped play! He's running up the pitch and into the changing rooms and is gone for 3-4 minutes. He only needs to go to the toilet. Hope he washed his hands!!!
Chances kept coming after that but Calderdale proved strong at the back. They played out and through midfield when we gave away a free kick just outside the area. Nathan sorts out his wall, they take it, swerving towards the top corner but Nathan is alert and tips it over for a corner. Great save! A little scrappy for a few minutes but then Calderdale played out from the back again, the left midfielder starts his run, Eddie sees him coming so goes to challenge, he dinks it past Eddie and sees Amhra coming towards him like a jet plane, he dinks it past Amhra and keeps going. Next it's Joe, never going to get past Joe is he....he is, he dinks it past Joe as well and crosses the ball in to the middle where it is met by a Calderdale defender who smacks it home from 6 yards. Fantastic run and a great goal. 2-1 Harrogate. Time to keep it tight. Not long left. Charlie Peach with some telling tackles and some confident play, Rohan running at defenders now, really pushing forwards looking for another goal, Ben now up front causing havoc and Alfie playing the No 10 role extremely well. Time running out for Calderdale now, Harrogate are strong in midfield and everyone putting in the effort. The whistle blows (I really hope the ref washed his hands) and Harrogate prevail 2-1. Another win against 4th in the league. That's now 3 wins against 3 of the top 6 in the league whom we will be meeting in competitive fixtures next season. WELL DONE BOYS.

SATURDAY 1ST APRIL - AWAY V BARNSLEY - All available players to attend - 9.00am meet - 10.00 kick off
Netherwood Advanced Learning Centre (ALC)
Dove Valley Way
S73 8DG or S73 8FE

3-4 WIN - Tom Pettman, Davide Santoro, Jonny Shepherd, Ben Chumas

Match Captain - Gidi Pliener

Game 4, Barnsley away and another tough game was expected. After the last couple of wins, confidence was high but we needed to keep ourselves calm and concentration was again really important. No complacency!
The game started and we were immediately on the front foot, passing and moving really well and pushing on in to the final third. Chances were being created at relative ease as the Barnsley back line struggled to cope with us. Corner after corner and it was Harrogate who were winning every ball. Possession was mostly Harrogate's with the Barnsley defense struggling to get out of their own half. We needed to take our chances and make it count. The score stayed at 0-0 for what seemed like an eternity but we kept pressing and won another corner. Louis stepped up to take it and floated one perfectly in to the middle, the ball dropped, a scuffle and it dropped to Tom Pettman who slotted home for his second of the season - the boy is lethal from 1 yard out!! 1-0 to Harrogate but we must push on. A little nip and tuck for a few minutes when Barnsley broke and the ball went out to the right, cross came over as Harrogate's defence couldn't clear, it fell to the Barnsley attacker who calmly headed home to make it 1-1. The game was quite evenly matched for the next few minutes with Amhra and Gidi strong in the centre but again Barnsley broke down the right, stayed really strong and held off first Charlie, then Gidi to push the ball in to the middle when the Barnsley striker unleashed an unstoppable shot in to the bottom corner. 2-1 Barnsley. Harrogate needed to push on, we worked the ball up and down looking for opportunities, then one came and Davide was there to level the score once again. His second of the season - 2-2.
Game on! We rode our luck a little as the game went on but some lovely play from Barnsley with some one touch football, split our defence and slotted home, beating the outstretched arms of Nathan in goal. 3-2 Barnsley. We've had the better play for a lot of this game....we are 3-2 down, how? Heads dropping....not a chance. The boys carried on as they were, passing the ball and trying to create more chances. Jonny Shepherd was all over, looking for room to shoot. Only a matter of time surely. It was, Jonny received the ball near the edge of the area, went one way, then the other before deciding he'd had enough. He went left and curled a left foot shot passed the keeper in to the top corner for his 5th of the season but more importantly....3-3. Come on Harrogate was the cry from the parents.
Not long left now, can we nick it? Good interceptions from Harry and Alfie helped us push on. Lots of movement, lots of passing. Rohan on the ball far more in the second half but we lose it in midfield and the right midfielder runs at Charlie at left back. Charlie stood strong, makes the challenge and puts the ball out. Re group and go again. We win the ball and up the other end it goes, its all a bit frantic, shots from everywhere but it drops to Ben Chumas who pokes the ball, it hits the inside of the post and goes in....4-3 Harrogate.
From that point on Harrogate looked like the only winners, looking like we could score again whilst the Barnsley boys heads dropped. The final whistle went, we'd done it again. Another win and another strong performance. Well done to all the boys. Great team performance.


0-4 WIN - Davide Santoro, Jonny Shepherd x3

Match Captain - Jonny Shepherd

Game 3 took us to Green Hammerton where we play our home games to play a reverse fixture against Hambleton & Richmond who were 2-0 winners in our first ever district game earlier this year. The boys were certainly up for this game! Conditions were not great as the pitch had not been cut and levelled and it was also fairly windy. Concentration a big must then!
The game was a little nervy in the first 10 minutes as Hambleton pressed and pushed on, leaving our back four of Harry, Amhra, Joe and Charlie to show us why they are in the squad. Some great defending by all 4 as we slowly settled in, thankfully still 0-0 we then started to play and move the ball around better. Playing in to the wind, we knew if we could get to half time at least level, we would be too strong in the second half. Playing the ball out and pushing a flying Davide out wide the ball eventually dropped nicely in front of him as he ran on to it. He took it on his right foot and sent the ball flying over the keeper to make it 1-0 at half time. A simple team talk at half time then as we were now playing the better football and improving with every minute of play.
2nd half was better still, some incredible football. Alfie Dean was all over the pitch, his movement was excellent as was Tom Pettman and Louis Golby in Midfield. Gidi was really strong in midfield, doing just what we asked and really pressing. After a relatively simple move, Jonny Shepherd was there to poke home to make it 2-0 while up the other end Nathan Drake rose to punch the ball clear after a scramble in the box. Eddie Murray doing well to clear and release a little pressure.
Rohan Panesar was now getting in to the game a bit more and making some delightful runs down the left causing problems for Hambletons defence when we win a free kick just outside the area. Jonny Shepherd picked up the ball and calmly placed it, sized up the goal and as easy as you like slotted home to make it 3-0 Harrogate. Still on the move and hungry for more goals, Harrogate were in control and again won another free kick just outside the box. 3 players lining up to take it but Jonny Shepherd, on a hatrick, stepped up to take it. This time it crashed in to the wall and fell to Harrogate who played the ball out wide and then back inside and it fell to Jonny again who pushed on, looked at the keeper and slotted it to the keepers left.....4-0 and Jonny's hatrick.
Fantastic result and another improvement form the boys. Well done to all players for a well deserved win.


1-3 WIN - Joe Caygill, Tom Pettman, Jonny Shepherd

Match Captain - Nathan Drake

Game number 2 took us to St Theresa's in Leeds to play a really good Leeds Schoolboys team. All started very cagily as both teams didn't want any mistakes. Harrogate played some great football at times with Leeds struggling to deal with us at all. Our wide play first half was really positive, Rohan Panesar looking really dangerous down the left. Second half was much like the first but we still struggled to make the break through even though we were creating chances. I was thinking "surely its only a matter of time". I didn't have to wait long. Harrogate got a corner, Joe Caygill came charging in and got his head to the ball and in it went.....Harrogate's first District goal at Under 13's....1-0 to Harrogate.
We got more and more confident as the game went on, playing some lovely football at times, very determined from all the boys, pressing and pushing up. We got another corner after some great work from Louis Golby, putting Davide Santoro through on the right hand side. He ran at the defenders and won another corner. The ball was wipped in and dropped to the ground amongst a crowd of players desperately trying to get a touch and knock it over the line. Someone did...Tom Pettman managed to get his right foot around the ball to poke it home. 2-0 to Harrogate.
A bit of a mix up at the other end gave Leeds a lifeline to make it 2-1 but Harrogate were not to be denied. The ball got played through midfield and a cracking ball through to Jonny Shepherd who is now one on one with the Leeds keeper, he must score.......he does to get his first Harrogate goal, 3-1 Harrogate and job done.
A proud day for us as it took only our second game to register a comfortable victory against a decent Leeds team, well done to them and thanks for hosting us.



Match Captain - Joe Caygill

Our first game....lots of nerves but confident. Pitch was not the best due to the weather but the game went ahead all the same. Harrogate set off the better team, passing the ball like they had been together for months, not just a few weeks. Chances came and went as we struggled in and around the box to make any impact.
We got to half time at 0-0 and became really confident with how we were playing.
As time went on the condition of the pitch was making things really difficult and we started to tire. Energy levels dropped, unsurprisingly as the boys were getting used to the quicker style of football. With 12 minutes to go Hamilton got through and goal and leashed a shot in to the far corner, just wide of a fully stretched Nathan Drake in goal. 1-0 to Hambleton & Richmond. The boys kept their heads up and tried to play football as they know but tiredness is an awful thing to get through when you are desperately trying to get back in to the game. Hamilton exposed us again with 5 minutes to go with an almost identical goal to the first and made it 2-0.
Disappointment all round from our boys but they all put in a great shift with a great team effort. But for the 2 goals, we were the better team for long parts of the encounter so to go down 2-0 certainly was not justice.
First game...we played well and lots of positives to take forward.